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10:53 am: Retweet
It's been a while since I took the truly lazy way out updated my parents on my Twitter activity, so here 'tis:

new favorite word and big goal: pedotrophist (skilled in rearing children). Thanks to NurtureShock for that one. about 20 hours ago via Digsby

@ScottAbel is doing the closing session at #IC2010 - fantastic presentation on trending technologies 6:47 PM Feb 26th via web

Technologies are never neutral - Joe Gollner #IC2010 2:37 PM Feb 26th via Digsby

I'm feeling some pretty serious hostility toward IT here at IC. Bummer. Big gap to bridge. #IC2010 8:24 PM Feb 25th via Digsby

#IC2010 what about all the debate around putting users thru extra steps getting to your content? hmmm. 6:29 PM Feb 25th via Digsby

presentation is in the weeds, but my brain is zinging around with key issues for our project -- odd effect, but pleasant #IC2010 5:24 PM Feb 25th via web

just got the hashtag for Intelligent Content. Great venue, looking forward to interesting sessions. #IC2010 11:39 AM Feb 25th via web

Heath Bros: [a trainer] "taught 6 elephants to stand in a line and urinate on command, and they hadn't even completed a Myers-Briggs" 9:55 AM Feb 25th via web

Premature elucidation: the plight of men who come to answers way too soon (D. Weinberger in "Cluetrain Manifesto") 2:22 PM Feb 23rd via Digsby

Dick Francis too? At least he has Felix trained to step up and take over. Still, very sad. 10:21 AM Feb 20th via web

RT @robinabrahams: Must-read on chicken philosophy and battery-farmed academics (read the comments!): http://tinyurl.com/yfx43vj 11:26 AM Feb 12th via Digsby

RT @rheyden: Super TED talk from Bassler on chemical comm. between bacteria and the future of antibiotics. http://tinyurl.com/ndou26 9:58 AM Feb 10th via Digsby

RT @GuyKawasaki - Easy often=true and true=easy, but sometimes hard is better/more effective: http://om.ly/etGj 3:34 PM Feb 3rd via web

This is why I love my job: I get to do cool stuff. http://om.ly/eqLB (RT @guykawasaki) #yam 10:12 AM Feb 2nd via web

Apparently should be raising Teddy in Peter's home country. But so much salt! not enough interwebs! http://bit.ly/6tkKYq (RT @guykawasaki) 12:28 PM Jan 25th via Digsby

RT @sifowler (& others) City Sports is collecting slightly worn sneakers/shoes for the people of Haiti -drop them off at any location. 12:15 PM Jan 25th via Digsby

@Armano Favorite enterprise collaboration platform: Vignette/OpenText Collaboration #collaboration 10:32 AM Jan 21st via Digsby in reply to armano

RIP Robert Parker. Dammit. 9:42 AM Jan 21st via Digsby

Lamentations of the father, 1997 Atlantic Monthly hilarity: http://bit.ly/O2PM7 (thanks to @sgazzetti for that!)

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