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06:35 am: it's a conspiracy
I get a night alone, and some jerk pulled the fire alarm, so I was out on the street in my pajamas at 11:00, instead of toasty in bed.


It was so busy yesterday that I forgot to call Teddy and Peter to tell them when I got to town. Oh, the guilt, the guilt! They didn't call me either, so it wasn't as if they were running around in a panic, worrying about me. But still... GUILT.

I'm looking forward to some normalcy, although the upcoming weeks are pretty packed. Fortunately, I'll be with the guys instead of alone. It's more fun that way.

Teddy is now campaigning for a trip to Disney. I'm going to try to figure out a way to do it, 'cause this is the last year it'll be easy to pull him out of school. He's old enough to enjoy it, and we can avoid peak times. More on that as the plans come together.

No, I'm not quite awake yet. How could you tell? You can't see everything I spelled wrong 'cause LJ has a spell-checker. Are you psychic?

Edited to add: I successfully avoided most of St. Patrick's Day in Boston, thank goodness. Which is more than 99.9% of other Bostonians can say. I know that 'cause they were all out carousing all night right outside my hotel window. I was happy about the 2nd flooredness when I had to go down and stand in my jammies, but I was most distinctly unhappy about the 2nd flooredness when the bars closed. Oy.

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