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06:15 am: oy. it's back.
I'm back to the endlessly-spinning-brain/no-sleep mode. Blargh.

The big ol' project I'm working on is extremely complex. Whenever I think I have a handle on it, I learn more about what I don't know. I haven't even baselined the project plan yet, 'cause it keeps changing in large ways.

It's fun. We chose a vendor yesterday with whom I'm very, very happy. The team got together face-to-face (we're pretty much spread out across the country), which is terrific and fun. I genuinely like every person on the team, which is a treat and makes working together all the easier.

But whenever I'm at this phase of a project (which has lasted longer with this one that with most others), I can't get my brain to shut off. So I can't sleep, which I'm sure is a huge asset to my productivity. Ha freakin' ha.

So I'm going to baseline today and move forward (and back again, and forward, blah blah blah).

* * * * *

For those of us hung up on completion ( :cough: me :cough: ), I did pick up all my nominations (9!) and my award while I was in town. It feels good to have finished something (the product gets rolled out to the sales force on Monday... and not by me! w00t!), and even better to get recognition from people I really respect.

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