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07:08 am: Newport Scare
We nearly didn't go to Newport. Teddy woke up vomiting on Friday and didn't eat anything all day, until some toast at about 3:30. It was too late to cancel the hotel, and I felt I needed to go anyway for my friend's show, but probably by myself (to Teddy's loud and insistent protests).

Fortunately, he woke up feeling fine on Saturday (though he still didn't eat very much - the more upsetting because his appetite had been so very robust just a few days before), so we headed out mid-morning.

Peter and Teddy hadn't been to Newport before and I was especially glad to be going with them. It's not the most exciting drive, but the RI bits are mostly scenic - the drive over the bridge into Newport is stunning, which probably explains the $4 toll.

I hadn't been in 20 years or so (good heavens), and it's had the unmitigated gall to change in the interim. Go figure.

In any case, we found our way to the visitors center, where everyone was very nice but not ultimately helpful (the Tennis Hall of Fame? for a 5-year-old? really? not to mention his parents, who have exactly zero interest in tennis). So we drove up Bellevue Ave (Teddy could not have handled the walk), and I dropped the guys off for a quick piece of the Cliff Walk while I drove further. Some neighborhood.

We found parking, did some shopping, and got to the Gallery opening quite early. That was our trip's ostensible purpose: a friend of mine had a show in Middletown. Fortunately, she's a good artist who does beautiful things with color, so I didn't have to make up compliments or anything. In fact, I'm hoping to buy a print of one or two of her pieces - a purple one and a green and blue one.

Because that's how much I know about art. I neglected that bit of my education. Well, that and chemistry. And history. But I believe I'm pretty well-rounded otherwise.

So. Newport. We got to see occhi_cinesi and Baby A, who has grown and developed by leaps and bounds. We went to diner dinner with them after we left the gallery, so we got to catch up for a bit. A takes a while to warm up these days, but she and Teddy ultimately got their mutual charm on.

We had a very big scare at the gallery. Peter and Teddy had gone out to the car to read the paper and watch videos, respectively. Teddy didn't like the video, so wanted to come back to play with A. Peter brought him, then went back to the car himself. Then Teddy got bored, so he dashed off into the parking lot before I registered where he was going. Scared the ever-loving bejeebers out of me. He knows he did the wrong thing (he kept apologizing and crying and ultimately begging me not to talk about it any more), but... OY. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, shaking and crying in relief.

Night in a hotel (such! excitement!), waffle breakfast, morning TV (more! excitement!), quick stop at the petting "zoo" (seems to be more of a working farm with friendly animals), and home.

Teddy washed his wagon and our car in the warm afternoon sun. Nice end to a mostly nice weekend.

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Date:March 23rd, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
What a lovely weekend! (Sorry about the scary bits.)

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Date:March 24th, 2010 10:50 am (UTC)

It was lovely, thanks

Too bad we couldn't work in a trip to Newton, but we'll be there soon!
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Date:March 24th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)

So good to see you!

I really liked the art showing. I felt so grown up.

Thank you for defending my daughter as she soothed and filled her belly at the same time. I haven't dealt with that in a long time. I was confident, but taken aback.

For as lovely as the light was in the gallery, the stairs did open up RightIntoTheParkingLot. No sidewalk, no walkway, just parking lot. I understand how freaked out you were and I'm in denial that my daughter will ever go anywhere not holding my hand. Ever.

You say Baby A... OMG, she's not a baby anymore. And she loved Teddy, she just loved him. Still talking about him. Looking for video of him. Now. Now! NOW!!!!

Can't believe she ate so much at the diner... believed in the high sodium content later that night as she drank 3 8oz bottles of milk. I'm sure Peter felt full and content though. ;)

Yes, the petting zoo is a farm, more like a petting farm... but free... I just remember every trip to Newport with ss, he'd need to stop and feed the animals. Every Single Time.

See you on Saturday!
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Date:March 24th, 2010 10:39 am (UTC)

we should've brought food to the farm

We had nothing to feed the critters. They liked the petting though.

I'd forgotten about the weird old guy asking about a bottle! You can sure tell he had no clue about current parenting trends, AMA advice, etc. He was kind of a dork, really.

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