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08:02 am: I'd forgotten all about that part
I remember loving age 2. Teddy was so warm and loving and verbal and had so much energy. Three kicked my butt; two was lovely.

Baby A is lovely. She's warm and loving and verbal and has so much energy. Two is a great age.

I'd forgotten how much adult energy two takes. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Where's Mama? Mama. Mama. Mama do it. Mama. Mama. Mama.

occhi_cinesi handles it with grace and aplomb (more than I have left, having used it all up when Teddy was two). Still... kind of exhausting.

We went to a Craft Festival in Hartford, which was fun, though not the same with a two- and a five-year-old in tow. The festival postcard was somewhat misleading, for starters, as it described the festival as including "entertainment for children," in the same type size as "craft booths" and "craft demos" and "specialty foods" (all of which sound rather marvelous, eh?).

If I'd looked at the website (note to self: remember that next time), I would have seen that the craft demos and the children's entertainment are quite limited. We didn't see any demos (which are only a couple of times a day), and the children's entertainment consisted of storytelling every two hours.

Teddy enjoyed the storytelling, and especially participating in the endless play thereafter (video coming some time, though I suppose the "endless" descriptor will - rightly - keep most from watching it), but wasn't crazy about strolling through the festival looking at the craft booths (only one - out of 100+ - sold toys, though Teddy did eventually pick a birdhouse). I would've done a good bit of Christmas shopping, but the tolerance of the junior set waned rapidly.

And the "specialty foods" were all for sale, not for eating. As in, fill up yer shopping bag with specialty vinegars, oils, breads, baked goods, etc. Good stuff, but not what I'd had in mind. Food to eat at the festival was cider donuts (yum), burgers, hotdogs, etc. Not so special, in other words.

We had a good time, but that was mostly the company. I'd like to go back to another, similar festival, but without the kids. They were well-behaved, but just keeping track of them was tiring. Keeping them entertained was pretty much impossible.

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