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07:26 am: next couple of weeks
I hope to stay current here, but am likely to fall behind. I'll be in and out of Boston a couple of times, racing around betwixt and between, and on-site with a client in NY for a couple of days as well.

:yawn: I'm tired already.

Easter was lovely, though I do wish Peter would get over his Easter Issues and join the celebration. Still, Teddy and I had a great time with my family. Teddy's the youngest of the junior set, but he jumped right in and started bossing people around.

This, we might note, is a complete change from clinging-to-Mommy's-neck-and-refusing-to-speak mode, which was the previous standard.

The older kids were all quite wonderful with him. I did walk into the living room at one point to find one of them holding both Teddy's hands behind him, Teddy bent forward to ease the strain on his arms. They were both laughing, though, so I turned around and left.

My nephew decided that a Nerf gun fight would be a good addition to the egg hunt. I'm not too delighted with gun play in general and on Easter specifically, but the kids had a great time. The Easter baskets were left strewn about as the kids raced after each other, hid behind yard obstacles, and generally created mayhem.

The whole boy&gun thing... :shaking head: I dunno. Seems to be genetic or something. Teddy started making his own guns from paper towel tubes and Lego pieces and all that before he'd even seen a toy gun in person (I'm assuming he must've seen one on TV to figure out the general idea -- or maybe he saw another kid with one on the playground or something), so when the same nephew gave him his own Nerf machine gun for his birthday, I didn't object too strenuously.

For that matter, the whole boy&car thing may be genetic too. Odd.

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