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06:46 pm: tough saying goodbye
Teddy was very clingy today. He wanted lots of snuggles and cuddles. I love it, but Peter had some trouble understanding why he wasn't behaving normally. (In fairness, Peter has no objections to the snuggles or cuddles; it's the accompanying recalcitrance to which he objects.)

I don't know why this particular trip seems to have been hard for Teddy to accept. Maybe because I drove, so he didn't get his usual goodbye at the airport or bus station? Dunno. It was hard for me too.

* * * * *

I had his parent-teacher conference at school today, where I asked specifically about whether he was showing signs of disruption there. His teachers said he talked about missing me during one specific trip (probably Palm Springs, when I was gone the longest), but that his behavior was (and is) good.

So he's saving the misbehavior for home, which I suppose is a good thing.

His literacy teacher says that she and Teddy have found common ground and are now working steadily on reading and writing. I'd gather it was something of a struggle for a while, because there are other activities in the literacy room that he preferred. I was very confused that he didn't ever talk about reading, given how much he reads at home.

He's apparently still being very social at school, having a little trouble settling down sometimes, which is a marked change from last year (when he didn't talk at all). So we'll continue to work on that, along with hand strength (to help with his pencil grip), lower-case letters, and finishing tasks. All developmentally normal. And he'll have continuity next year, because he'll attend Montessori three half-days a week while he's in public kindergarten.

We're all progressing.

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