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07:39 am: my son, the seal
Teddy has croup again. I'd hoped that he was just excited, because we were supposed to go to Boston today for take-your-progeny-to-work day. Sometimes he riles himself up and strains his throat with all the hollering (maybe those huge tonsils have something to do with it?). A good night's rest usually takes care of the problem.

A good night's rest does not involve waking up to hack up a lung, of course. Or waking up with a fever. Or waking up at 5:00 am to soak in a steamy bath, for that matter.

So we're staying home.

Oh well. He'll do Legos and suck on lollipops and get Tylenol at regular intervals and a couple of doses of Half-Blood Prince (Harry and Dumbledore have just left the cave, so there are Exciting Things Ahead).

And, having started my own day at 5:00, I'll get a couple of doses of Half-Blood Prince with him, as well as some snuggling interludes between meetings.

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