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11:00 pm: Vacation, Evening Two: The curious incident of the alarm in the night-time
Teddy and I went to sleep around 8, I think, in the blissful comfort of the king-sized bed (must find out what kind of mattress that was). Neither of us stirred when Peter came in after the game (where he had a great time; he enjoyed my relatives' company , it's a beautiful stadium, and the Indians won) (oh dear... potential family conflict if it's the Red Sox vs. the Indians for the playoffs).

Peter thought a car alarm went off around midnight. I wouldn't know, as I slept through it. So did Teddy. When Teddy woke up around 1 to nurse, I wasn't even sure Peter had come back (I went back to sleep after I realized my aunt would've wakened me if anything had gone wrong). King-sized beds are bigger than I thought; Peter was hidden waaaay over on the other side. Not that that kept Teddy from finding him in the morning, of course. Teddy is an Intrepid Morning Explorer.

Anyway. It turns out that the smoke detectors went off that night. Blaring through the house. The fire department came, the whole thing.

And we slept through it. Teddy stirs, and I'm awake. The fire department? :snore:

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