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07:01 am: feeding and eating
I've just finished Ellyn Satter's Child of Mind: Feeding with Love and Good Sense, which I found via either Fatshionista or Miss Conduct. So I'm thinking a lot about how I feed Teddy and how he eats.

I think we got some stuff right, like extended breastfeeding and avoiding forced feeding and eating breakfast and dinner together every day and not making any foods forbidden.

He has a healthy relationship with food - eats a pretty good variety, tries (some) new foods, eats happily, seems to have a good sense of when he's hungry and when he's full. His growth curve has been very, very consistent.

And there's some stuff I need to continue to work on. In me, not him. He's fine.

In fact, he's started eating :drum roll!: spaghetti sauce. w00t! He was all about the pasta-with-butter-and-cheese-please for a couple of years, and now he's eating sauce again. I am very pleased indeed. He's also eating lettuce in his salad, which is most excellent. And he tried and liked the banana bread I made this week, too.

So that's good.

I still struggle with letting go on certain things, especially urging him to eat, especially vegetables. According to Satter (and I do think I mostly agree with her), I should provide the "what and when" and Teddy should decide the "whether and how much." So I'm going to try it her way for a few weeks and see if he actually will, say, finish a carrot before asking for dessert, without prompting. (I'm not sure how much of a struggle this is, because Teddy rarely resists the suggestion, but I suspect I'm fooling myself.)

I'm not sure I agree with her advice that the parents should always be the ones to set out the food and sit and eat with the child. It seems kind of controlling to me. Teddy's perfectly capable of getting himself a drink or a healthy snack when he's hungry. I can't interrupt my work twice a day to sit with him and eat. I can talk to Peter about trying it, though I suspect he won't be enthusiastic.

I do get her point about making sure snacks come at predictable times, which I'm going to talk to Peter about and work on myself.

* * * * *

Review of Satter's book, and a whole stack of others, coming soon.

* * * * *

Teddy's cough kept him up from 1:30 to almost 4 last night, so it's off to the doctor with him today. Dammit.

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