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06:33 am: I love this age
I'm very proud of Teddy. He was so nervous about jumping rope. In truth, he gets his lack of skill from me.

But y'know? He tried. He tried really hard. He was great at all the non-jumping, rope-based activities, including a wicked limbo. And when he was at the jumping area (the kids switched off, which I think was an excellent way to organize it), darned if he didn't swing that rope and jump (at the same time, so not terribly effective technique) over and over again.

And when I tried to help him (no idea why I thought I could; I just felt I should) and we bonked heads? He clung to me like a little limpet and cried into my neck.

I know that whenever he gets to the age where he doesn't want to be seen showing me affection (or showing peers his tears), it'll be a good sign, a sign of his independence and maturity.* But I love this age, when he's so open with his emotions. I love that he tells me whatever he's thinking - though I'll admit that "you're a mean, mean Mommy and my life is miserable!" is less fun than "I love you a googol! Plus twenty!" And that he's proud to introduce me to everyone.

He's also an interesting conversationalist and independent enough to play happily on his own. He feeds himself and goes to the potty by himself (we're still on wiping duty), right through to washing and drying his hands. He reads to himself all the time (including the cereal box at breakfast, and it doesn't even require a time flux capacitor to see it!) but still loves being read to. He brushes his teeth (I floss), though if he tires he begs for help then pitches a fit if we deviate from routine (two rounds of brush and spit, one round of mean green cheese grr, one more round of brush and spit).

I'm very, very lucky.

* Though I'm hoping he'll be just deviant enough to keep snuggling me. Some of the research I've done has indicated that teenage alienation is not actually a biological imperative. Here's hoping!

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