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06:33 am: Memorial Day weekend (long)
We got a nice balance this weekend between productivity, fun, and relaxation. Peter and Teddy went to Six Flags Friday afternoon to get Teddy's season pass (Peter already has his). I ended up working longer than planned, but still had a couple of hours to catch up on DVDs that the guys don't like (Ally McBeal, about which I have mixed feelings upon second viewing, but am generally enjoying).

Saturday, we went to Look Park in Florence, which was a blast. We went to the zoo, which is quite small and therefore manageable. The chicks, whose Mama ran off an unduly forward chipmunk, were a highlight, as was the peacock, who took umbrage at something and so honored us with his full and gorgeous display. The peahen is in the same enclosure, but there were no signs of peachicks around. We also liked the eagle and the owls (I hope the chipmunk stays out of their enclosure, as I suspect they'll be somewhat less lenient than the Mama Chicken). The goats were very sweet but a little forward, really.

We went on the train (Teddy and Peter on the caboose facing backward and me on the nearest forward-facing seat), which showed us the park is not as huge as we'd interpreted it to be initially. It's beautifully kept, however, and there's lots to do. The tunnel under the bridge in the zoo was a highlight of the train ride.

Next up was the paddle boat, which was a lot more work than I'd expected. A lot more work. I thought I'd be aching on Sunday but strangely was not. I hadn't initially planned to go, and Peter did admit he would've had trouble getting the boat to move without my leg power (though I suspect the boat would have been easier to move without my weight, so I suspect it was a wash).

We skipped the picnic at the park (and also the mini-golf) and went to the Miss Florence Diner for lunch, where Teddy had his first chocolate chip pancake (and ate almost the whole thing) and pooped on a public potty (for the first time ever, I believe). I had a fantastic chicken sandwich, too, though the fries were those nasty coated things that I hate (and Peter loves), which is actually good because then I don't, y'know, eat them.

The diner placemats advertised a used book/CD/DVD store, which turned out to be just around the corner, where Teddy and I indulged ourselves for considerably less than my average Amazon order. We even found Sabuda's Mega Beasts in mint condition.

Sunday was the birthday party for which we changed our vacation plans, and it was pretty wonderful. It was the first party-at-a-house we've been to here, I'm guessing because the hosts have such a fabulous yard that all the kids spent all their time running around, burning off kiddie kilowatts. Teddy was absolutely himself: he spent lots of time running around the periphery, rather than in the center of the action. He also spent lots of time in the play house. In any case, he had a blast. The favors were books; Teddy got a Mercer Mayer. The hostess told us that CostCo had them on sale (which she of course found out after buying the favors!). Since Teddy didn't have any others, of course we went to CostCo later to get them and three other sets - 6 books for $10!

Peter went back to Six Flags yesterday (the parade in Agawam created quite a detour to get there, but we managed). Teddy and I watched a bunch of DVDs (Lois & Clark, which I'm delighted to share with the kiddo, especially since he has absolutely no interest in the kissing and always asks me to fast-forward through the scary parts) and went to check out the JCC, which is fantastic. As soon as I get back from my next trip, we're going to get a family membership, as well as an individual health club membership for me. So Peter & Teddy can use the pool and get various discounts, and I'll be able to use the whole fitness center. Peter prefers to stick with his roving yoga and pilates routine for now, though the monthly JCC health club membership costs about what one yoga class does elsewhere, and it includes ALL classes, including yoga and pilates.

Teddy and I washed the car (well, rinsed the pollen off, anyway), during which we both got soaked and I managed to get two bee stings. Teddy is intrigued by the stings; I'm just happy I got them instead of him.

We picked Peter up at Six Flags (very crowded, apparently) and stopped at the 99 for dinner on the way home. Turns out that kids' dinners are free the day after the Red Sox win, so we saved 4 whole dollars too... by which I mean, of course, we spent $40 we didn't intend to spend (I had pot roast ready at home) and happened to not spend $4 that we'd also not intended to spend. Still... not bad. (And they have a new cobb salad that's pretty good, too, though the asparagus with which it's topped is both sparse and extremely salty.)



Date:June 1st, 2010 12:42 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a perfect weekend!

[User Picture]
Date:June 1st, 2010 03:53 pm (UTC)

pretty much, yep

...except for the bees.
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