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06:26 am: I'm missing something
Many things, I'm sure. Certain books and DVDs. Favorite items of clothing. The chick gene for shopping. My mind.

Specifically, though, I'm missing any interest in hot, crowded, noisy, kid-oriented events.

Yes, Teddy's school's end-of-year "Fun Night" was last night. What's yer point?

I love Teddy's enjoyment. I was delighted to see him bouncing in the bounce house. Bouncing, I say! This is a huge change - dare I say improvement? - over his previous tendency to crawl around the edges, hug the walls, beg to come out, and then declare the bounce house his very most favorite part of the party.

Equally delightful was his fabulous success at T-ball. Last year involved a great deal of "whoooosh!" It involved no "crack!" and no "w00t!" This year, he hit the ball solidly and well, and walked away beaming with pride.

I also loved that he picked a peace symbol and an enormous O (for O-Man) for his face paint.

All totally cool.

The lines in which we waited in the endless, steamy, wretched heat to accomplish these things? So not cool by any definition.

Granted, I'm fundamentally and irascibly anti-social. Crowds make me irritable (she said in a fit of understatement). I don't deal well with heat, physically or emotionally.

All the parents were waiting in lines, calming impatient children, standing in more lines to get food we would not ordinarily choose (except Peter, perhaps: hotdogs and chips), chasing after impatient children, etc.

Very few of us got any chance to socialize beyond a passing hello, unless we happened to grab a patch of (wet) grass that happened to be near someone else we knew.

Yet I was in the very distinct minority of people who were clearly not having any fun (other than the passing pleasure of enjoying our children's nanoseconds of planned activity. But very few people looked as miserable as I felt. I actually do hope I didn't look that miserable either (hot and sweaty, yes; miserable, no), as I was putting forth a serious effort to look, if not delighted, at least not miserable.

I mentioned that Peter and Teddy both have season passes to Six Flags, and I do not. There are two reasons for it. First, I have some vestibular dysfunction and get viciously motion sick on every. single. ride. So we would be paying for the pleasure of my sitting in the park, eating in the park, and shopping in the park. I'd rather spend $51 elsewhere.

Second, see above.

* * * * *

My hatred for heat is not serving me well in all capacities (any?). I got the results back from my annual blood tests. My level of vitamin D is alarmingly low. :sigh: On the other hand, all my other tests came back normal (HA! New doctors tend to expect my cholesterol and blood sugar to be bad. WRONG!). I do have almost double platelets, but I've known that for ages. Along with my weird ears, my weird optic nerve, my weird hips, my weird feet, and of course the ever-effing-loving weird metabolism, I have weird blood. No surprise there.

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