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05:00 pm: Vacation, Day Two
Saturday, our only full day with the family, was very relaxing. We slept in until 7:30 (!!), made breakfast, talked to Uncle John for a bit, then went back to bed for a nap. Teddy & I slept for a couple of hours, a rare and wonderful treat (especially in that super-comfy bed).

We had some wonderful pasta e fagiole soup and grilled cheese for lunch, both of which Teddy thoroughly enjoyed (mmmm... pasta!), then I spent the afternoon chatting and chasing Teddy, until Peter took Teddy downstairs for his second nap. We headed out for an early dinner at Blazin' Bills (I think that was the restaurant) for some yummy ribs and even yummier corn on the cob... probably the last of the season.

Teddy did great for the first 45 minutes or so, chowing on bread and apple sauce. He was most emphatically Not Interested in his pasta (whatever happened to mmm... pasta??) when it came, so I ate as fast as I could, then took him out to Terri's van to nurse him. There was so much fascinating traffic, however, that he. would. not. nurse. So I brought him back in again, but he couldn't stay still.

So I took him outside again to hang out with his cousins Jack and Michael. Jack has some very cool sneakers with wheels ("heelys"), so he was skating up and down the front walkway, burning off energy.

When we got back to the house, I nursed Teddy, then left him with Peter to try to get him to sleep while I went up to socialize. And eat cookies that Terri made. Terri and I ended the evening watching Michael's most excellent renditions of camp songs (something about sharks, and a wonderful song about a sticky moose, among others).

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