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06:44 am: Monday. Again.
We had a pretty good weekend. Peter went to Six Flags on Saturday, so Teddy and I worked on his (Teddy's) thank-you cards (he did the design, I did the cutting, and we did the printing together) and transplanted the tomatoes, peppers, and bean to the yard. (I've been advised that cilantro doesn't like to be moved, so that's staying inside.)

Teddy's written half of the thank-you notes he needs to do. It was faster last year, when he told me what to write, but I'm sure his teachers will like it even more that he's doing the writing (assuming they can read them, which is not a sure thing).

Sunday has traditionally been reading day for us, but Teddy is not at a terribly cooperative stage. So we repeat cycles of reading my book, reading his book, and playing. Throw in some eating and call it a day.

Well, eating, paying bills, and trying to figure out summer camp. Turns out that the JCC is cheaper than the town-run camp (and the facility is suh-WEET), so we'll probably do that. Teddy says that he'd rather do the JCC "because it's new" to him (this from the child who has always taken forever to adjust to new things). I'm concerned that he'll end up not liking it and we'll be stuck, but will enroll him if there's still room.

I'm heading to Boston tomorrow all by myself. Peter and Teddy were originally going to come with me, but I have meetings until 10 pm, so we wouldn't see each other at all.

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