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06:48 am: summer vacation
Teddy's summer vacation officially started yesterday with a trip to Six Flags with Peter. I'm hoping to take this Friday off to go with them. While I'm about the farthest you can get from an amusement park person (I get sick on rides and I hate crowds and heat), I'm willing to go for free (Peter and Teddy got bring-a-guest-free coupons with their season passes). And going someplace that's just 5 miles up the road - so I can leave to come home any time without causing a major logistical flail - makes it that much easier.

Teddy will be at summer camp 5 weeks this summer: 4 at the JCC and 1 at Montessori. I'm going to take Fridays off on the weeks he's not in camp, plus extra days around Labor Day for his first day of school, Peter's jury duty, and Rosh Hashanah.

I believe the guys will be heading to Amherst tomorrow for the Eric Carle museum (before our membership runs out), Atkins Farms, and, y'know, whatever else they stumble upon.

I hope they'll get to the Hartford Children's Museum, the Springfield Zoo, the Springfield museums (which have a series of cool summer festival events scheduled), the New England Air Museum, and other cool local stuff this summer (including swimming at the JCC), too. 'Cause it's mighty easy to just dash up the road to Six Flags again and again.

Particularly if it doesn't make you puke.

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