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09:16 pm: not the weekend we planned
Friday was a blast. Teddy and I went to the Hartford Children's Museum in the morning, then to Toy Story 3. With the iPhone, I wasn't even in a panic about missing emails (I have to check email frequently even when I'm on vacation as I have no backup). Good times.

The highlight of the Children's Museum was the two rabbits we saw outside. They weren't part of any exhibit, just local rabbits - a Mommy rabbit and a baby rabbit. Very cute, although Teddy kept insisting "THERE ARE NO RABBITS!" because he couldn't see them at first.

I was tickled to get a call from Dad while we were there. He finally got the Father's Day gift I'd sent (in plenty of time, grrr) and seems to really like it. It was an Andreas Scholl CD I was delighted to find (and look forward to hearing, too).

Teddy was (obviously) feeling much better; unfortunately, he seems to have passed his cold on to me (no croup, thankfully). So the rest of the weekend was pretty much a bust. I couldn't go to the gym or to Amherst. So we watched a lot of Lois and Clark and hung out and read and stuff. Not bad, just not all the excitement we'd planned.

I'm particularly bummed that we didn't get to go to the Eric Carle museum, as our membership expires this week and I don't think we'll be renewing. Teddy loves their library and I love their gift shop, but we only went 3-4 times, I think, in the whole year we were members. Oh well.

As happy as I am that we moved to Longmeadow, I do have pangs whenever we got to Amherst and Northampton. Both towns have a lot more going on than Longmeadow does, but the schools are not as good (Northampton's aren't nearly as good).

...and the pangs disappear when I'm driving to or from Amherst, which is a pain to get to.

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