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07:32 am: Camp Routine
(first off: no coughing until past 5 am today! success!)

I don't know a lot of details about Teddy's camp experience, other than the potty problems one day and the bits that he reveals agonizingly slowly (when asked, he tends to say "it's too much! I can't say it!").

The camp groups his age are named for cereals. He's a Fruity Pebble. Seriously. I would've hoped for Captain Crunch (or even a healthy cereal), but that doesn't seem to be a choice. All the camp groups are silly cereal names. :shrug: (BTW, there are several kids from his school at the JCC, though none is in his group. One is a Fruit Loop, however.)

They raise the flags and sing a song (not a national anthem, nothing religious that I can tell) first thing, then go off for their first activities. From what I can discern, these appear to be games (like drip drip drop, which seems to be a variation on duck duck goose), which sometimes but not always involve singing. Friday's activity, however, is making challah. Teddy's group shaped the bread (which came out pretty tasty, though a bit dry).

Then they have swim lessons. Teddy is no longer wearing cheerios (what's with the cereals?), which are those inflatable things they wear around their arms, though he may or may not still wear a bubble. Next is snack (packed into his backpack, so not refrigerated - I love that their lunches are refrigerated, however), followed by crafts and lunch.

The afternoon comprises another activity, free swim, lowering the flag, and dismissal.

So it's a pretty packed day.

Teddy seems to like it a lot, though he comes out worn out and cranky. We now have a routine where he gets a snack while watching 30 minutes of TV, which seems to help him make the transition to home.

{Given that he's never had any routine TV, this was A Very Big Deal for us to decide, and remains A Very Big Deal for him to experience. I still question it, but it seems to really do the trick. That TV trance is just the ticket for winding him down.}

As I learn more, which may take months, I'll post the amusing bits.

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