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07:08 am: not what I planned, but not bad
I took yesterday off. I'd planned to take today, but then my boss's boss's boss's boss called a meeting, so I switched it.

Then we'd planned to go to Six Flags, but I'm really not a rollercoaster person and it was supposed to be wicked hot and The Art of the Brick was at the Springfield Museums (plural is deliberate; it's a set of museums that are run together: art, science, Springfield history, CT Valley, and Dr. Seuss). So we decided to go there instead.

We joined the museum(s) while we were there (almost decided to go to patron level, even; that would've been a first!). (I'm diggin' the membership concept, generally, though Eric Carle turned out not to be worth it just 'cause of distance. So we have Boston Children's Museum, Springfield Museums, Six Flags, and Springfield Theatre, if you count season passes.)

Anyway! The exhibit was fantastic. My favorite piece is called "Ideas," I think. It's a head with a vertical slice missing, and three different colored variations of the slice lined up to the side. Really interesting, often thought-provoking stuff. Nathan Sawaya's website has tons of cool stuff (plus a stupid thing on Shane Dawson and not including Ideas, alas).

Teddy is usually bored at art exhibits, but he was entranced by this one. He ran back and forth and carefully read all the descriptions and ran back and forth some more and expounded upon Lego theory and generally had a great time.

The Science Museum had a whole room set up so people could create their own Lego masterpieces, which Teddy liked just as much.

We also zipped through the other exhibits in the Science Museum and had a snack (no snack bar, but there is an area to sit and eat food you bring, or you can construct a reasonable meal-like alternative from machines, which include Cracker Stackers, which may be the most genius food-like product anyone ever put in a snack machine).

And the gift shop? Excellent. I do loves me an excellent gift shop.

We tried to go to a fair after the museum, but it apparently is only open at night (what is WITH that? This is at least the second and I think the third of those we've encountered this season... it's summer! Fairs should be open all day!).

Teddy and I went to the library and got out new books, read the new books, watched an episode of Lois and Clark (with the Lois clone - very entertaining and very little kissing, to Teddy's relief), and I tried to take a teeny tiny nap.

This is where my vacation took a turn for the worse. Teddy wanted me to stay awake and Peter though a late-afternoon nap was stupid, so they both thwarted me.


Both apologized later and Peter picked up Taco Bell and I got to take a bath, so things ended just fine.

Now I've got the new Tana French and the whole weekend in front of me, so I'm psyched. I'm going to the gym tomorrow morning and to dinner with friends tomorrow night and to the theatre with Teddy Monday morning.

All is good.

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Date:July 16th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
and a great gift shop? They don't get any better than that, do they? Sounds like a great day!

[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 03:11 pm (UTC)

it *was* pretty great, thanks!

Other than the lack of nap, of course.
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