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07:07 am: Clorinda
Teddy and I went to his first real play yesterday: Clorinda, based on the book, at the Springfield Majestic Theater.

I find a lot of children's theater painful, what with the earnestness and the audience participation and the inattention to script, and so it was with this production. But Teddy loved it. He seemed to find the singing uncomfortable (he clung to my arm during all the musical numbers) but he laughed and watched avidly throughout. He clearly found one particular actor the most compelling, a happy, hammy gentleman whose crocodile tears cracked. him. up.

I was particularly delighted by his response because he greeted the news that we were going to a show with "I'm going to be bored!"

(And at $48 for 2 tickets to 3 shows, plus popcorn for both of us, I can't complain about the price.)

* * * * *

Teddy wants to take swimming lessons, and had told me he wanted Matt (one of his camp counselors) to teach him. On the way to the theater, he told me about Josh (another counselor). He decided he might prefer to have Josh teach him, but he'd like "whoever's available." So I'm going to call the JCC and get the scoop.

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