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06:45 am: Superhero Update
Teddy spins when he takes off his clothes, in imitation of Dean Cain's Superman transformations. He quite often trips over himself, but he keeps on trying. (We're about to start the final season of Lois & Clark on DVD. Very exciting. Teddy doesn't like the kissing - "BORING!" - or the scary bits, but he loves the flying and the speedy clothes changes and house cleaning.)

* * * * *

We watched Naif Al-Mutawa's TED talk, which is fascinating and wonderful. I love the idea of learning more about Islam and the Talmud via comic books. And the upcoming cross-over with the Justice League? Awesome.

We've watched some stuff over on the website, and plan to look for the comic books the next time we're in Amherst or Boston. Cool stuff.

Teddy says he's going to write his own comic books, with 44 heroes. Or maybe 25. Or 19. Or 13.


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