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06:07 am: back to camp, whinging about vendors, etc.
What a frickin' week.

Teddy's back at camp, which is yippee w00t woo YEAH great. Two non-camp summer weeks turned out to be more stressful than any of us expected.

I was in Boston Monday-Tuesday, and the transition apparently went better without me.

There was the whole weird bus ride and the inevitable freakout when I got home, but it was a good trip.

(I know I'm supposed to be happy - and I am - that I'm the safe zone for my child, but the whole act-great-all-day-with-others-then-break-down-for-Mommy thing does get old.)

We've had hot days, but we've also had cooler days, as well as cooler nights, which is great.

I had a huge disappointment at work: uncommunicative vendors who made Tuesday's session one big ol' scramble for recovery. It worked out fine, but one of the vendors continues to have an amazing attitude toward us, the paying, "most important" client. Two examples:

1 - Answering a question "I don't know." Not "I don't know and I'll find out" or "I don't know and I'll need to hook you up with someone who does." Just "I don't know." Period.
2 - Answering the question "when will I have the thing that was due 2 weeks ago?" with "In 2 more weeks." No "dang! we really screwed up!" No "I'm sorry." No "we'll do our best to deliver ahead of the revised schedule." Just "2 more weeks."

#2 (in so many ways!) is what happened yesterday. The response to my response ("this will wreak havoc on our schedule. What can we do to accelerate?") was "this is your fault because we didn't get information until too late."

This was the first time I'd heard that we delayed their activities. If, in fact, it is true (which I doubt), why did no one, oh, say, tell me they needed information from us?


Back to your regularly scheduled Mommy blog, Teddy had his first private swimming lesson this week, in which he did bobs without holding his nose, swam underwater (sorta), swam without bubbles, cheerios, or kickboard, and generally exhausted himself.

He was shivering like crazy afterward. I hadn't seen him do that before. The JCC does keep their pool considerably cooler than the Y did, but he was only in it for 30 minutes. Yikes. It was actually a little alarming (not in a Mama freakout kinda way, but definitely in a Mama wrap up that child kinda way).

He has another week at all-day JCC camp, then a week off, then a week of half-day Montessori camp, another week off, then school, I think.

:gulp!: That went fast. Except for the two weeks straight at home. That did drag a bit.

"James and the Giant Peach" this Sunday is the last children's summer theater show (Paul Bunyan was last week). I wonder how they'll do it. They use a very bare stage with some big, brightly colored blocks as sets, and one very small, mobile backdrop. Nothing very peachy.

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