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09:09 pm: Twitter and Facebook updates
For those of you who don't follow me over (and truly, I appreciate the non-stalking).

For those who do, move along! Nothing new here!

I deleted the ones that would take too much explaining. I'm lazy that way. I did add some links, however, so I'm not totally lazy.

5 greatest regrets of the dying: http://bit.ly/bFqdpZ

WOTD: hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of #666). Swenson's blog: http://bit.ly/b6eB0Z.

RT@Chookooloonks - Why I am a feminist: http://bit.ly/byiI6P (sing on, @alaskadanielle)

RT@szarka - Have you hugged your sysadmin today? http://bit.ly/aIUbzH

@AskMoxie-I can't type "life partner" without gagging. [gak] See? Mebbe go Kirstie Alley and make him "he who slips me the big one?" No?

RT @foodnerd: Dammit. Isn't there anyplace to shop left? Grr. RT @mkb: Target is funding anti-gay politicos: http://bit.ly/9hzi0r

Life converges in weird ways. Today: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Bible Babel. So reading converges then. Whatever.

RT@Alltop - Daily cute fix: A baby’s dreamland [video] http://om.ly/pTYS

Email from Reinhart w/ idea for folding the MF up in the Star Wars pop-up book. Nice guy. BONUS: he's going to do a 2nd SW book! OOOH!

The second time I have to throw out dinner because the smoke detectors go ballistic is definitely the time to clean the oven. Definitely.

why the h*ll is my back in knots? just to remind me it's Monday? :grr:

Reading Little Bee kinda messed with my happy state of denial.

Teddy says "to you, I'm like a great big challah!" I was trying to eat his toes, y'see.

Stepped out the back door (NOT doo, d'oh!) to work in the yard. Tripped over nothing, fell on my face. Didn't even whimper 'cause the 5-year-old was right there. Got the yardwork done, too.

Peter: mumble, mumble
Me: What?
Teddy: He just said something random.

meetings meetings meetings FRIDAY

Soooo tempted to go to the gym early, but remembering too well waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Hard to get into that lovely, oblivious work-out headspace with all the waiting.

There is an astonishing amount of crap on TV. No wonder it took me so long to think of turning on the boobtube in the hotel room. Must admit: hip hop abs do look mighty fine.

Checked into my hotel. 2 single beds. I didn't know they made single beds any more. Now I plan to forget, 'cause I changed rooms.

The cow in Clorinda did not do jazz hands, but Babe the blue ox is compensating nicely. Children's theater manages to be both joyful and excruciating.

More books, theater with the child, then Star Wars pancakes for dinner.

Gym, Target, and the afternoon in a recliner with a stack of new books. All riiiight.

Moving, inspiring, wonderful...Autistic girl expresses profound intelligence.

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