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06:32 am: The Teddy Show(s)
edited to add footnote and many parentheses

Teddy has started performing shows for us. I don't know what influenced him: the children's theatre we attended this summer (thrice), the JCC show in which he (minimally) participated, the piles of crap props in his room...

Anyway, he carefully prints* us tickets, swipes them on the lamp (¿wtf?), piles all the pillows on the floor (to jump on during key points), then acts out mysterious plots involving super-heroes, fire-fighters, and himself. He runs behind the chair to change costumes.

The show ends when Mommy says it's time to brush his teeth.

* * * * *

Speaking of which, he had a dentist appointment yesterday. No cavities. Also, the hygienist came out to tell me he is the most charming child she's every met and her very favorite patient and completely hilarious.

I could hardly disagree, could I?

* * * * *

Actually, I could. We went roller-skating after his appointment. It was a "free" event for everyone who participated in the summer reading program at Longmeadow Library. Well, admission was free; food, rentals, and passes for the climbing structure were not.

So I rented skates for Teddy and me. We "shuffle-skated" (as Peter laughingly called it (that would be Peter, the laughing man who did not try roller-skating himself (despite being Czech and therefore theoretically born ice-skating (only he's never done any skating of any kind)))) to the climbing structure and back (which is when we found out you had to pay to go on it), ate our pizza (kid-oriented, but pretty good nonetheless -- certainly miles better than Chuck E. Cheese's), then made our way verrrrry slooooooowly around the rink. Once. Then took off our skates and went home.

For future reference, I do not recommend roller-skating with a 40-pound weight hanging off your arm or back ("MOMMY! I'M FALLING!"), especially with cramps.

* That's "prints" as opposed to "writes in cursive," not "prints" as in "creates on the computer and prints out," which would be even scarier.

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Date:August 11th, 2010 11:00 pm (UTC)


When your father and I had been married a few years, I drew the line at his printing tickets. Directing, sometimes acting, designing and building scenery, costuming, rehearsing, designing and doing the programs, doing the publicity, designing and doing the lighting, and wrapping it all up in bright paper seemed to me to be enough. So watch that kid. Please.

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Date:August 12th, 2010 12:33 am (UTC)


I can't resist, in any case.
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