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07:09 am: visitors, zoo, etc.
It was a pretty good weekend. I liked the precursor best: a visit from occhi_cinesi and baby A. Watching Teddy and A together is such fun. Teddy loooooves playing with her (she doesn't seem to object to being bossed around a fair amount).

I took Friday off, so we hung out (my favorite part), then went to the zoo.

Zoos are such a mixed bag. I'm fascinated by the animals, but I feel sorry for them (except places like San Diego) and it's smelly.

The kids had a great time (until the inevitable, hunger-induced meltdowns). I think Baby A cared more about the train (which had a slighty loopy driver) than the critters. Teddy has been several times before, so he knew exactly what he wanted to see.

On the way out, we got to see and talk to a zookeeper who's the surrogate Mommy for a little monkey (her biological mother rejected her after her twin died). She's 7 months old, I think, and mighty cute. She wears a tiny little diaper and clings to his arm. All day and all night. Apparently she ventures off as much as 10 feet away as long as she can see him.

She'll be with him until she's two. I thought having a human baby was hard, but at least we could take Teddy to restaurants and stores and stuff. I was all "oooh! such a cute wittle baby MONkey!" at first, but after a few minutes of conversation really had to admire this zookeeper's commitment.

* * * * *

Saturday, we went to CostCo to get a new DVD player.

CostCo. On tax-free weekend. Because we are insane.

We ended up buying a portable player (both the portable and the, er, stationary player are broken), among other things. Because I always spend approximately $200 at CostCo. It's some kind of weird, financial set-point thing. I was very proud of myself for not buying The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which I planned to buy when it comes out in paperback.

Turns out the DVD player was broken, so I exchanged it on Sunday. And bought some dinosaur camouflage PJs* and Levi's for Teddy. And The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, because I am weak.

It's pretty good. I do wish the author hadn't died. I would've liked another.

Oh well.

* * * * *

Teddy claims to have injured his foot. This is not the foot with the calloused hole left from splinter excavations, which I'd already planned to have the doctor examine. This is the other foot. I would suspect the usual melodrama, except that he spent much of yesterday crawling on his hands and knees because he claimed the foot hurt (there's no sign of injury). He's off to the doctor today if it's not better (Montessori camp starts tomorrow).

* Cool, eh? Camouflage colors, dinosaur shapes

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Date:August 17th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
DD *loved* the train and watches the quick video I took of it every chance I let her.

I liked the monkey/surrogate thing too but I really loved the part when he described the monkey baby moving only so far away from him... I immediately thought of Attachment Parenting and that whole, "Carry them, sleep with them, let them trust the attachment you've built, to always be there..." I hope that works for dd: stay close now, cause at 18 you're out of here! (Ha! Like that'll happen. I'll be begging to move into her dorm... or so I hope!).

I hope Teddy's foot feels better and we thank you profusely for a dangerously happy, kind and loving affair! Smooches!
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Date:August 17th, 2010 11:23 am (UTC)


The foot he was limping on is better (got x-rayed, just in case), but it turns out what I thought was excavation callous is a wart (I figure the splinter left a nasty ol' germ hole, dammit). Teddy didn't want it frozen at the time, so now I have to make another appointment (and pay another co-pay) to take care of it.

Oh well!
Date:August 18th, 2010 11:55 am (UTC)

camouflage weekend?

Love the mixture: friends, affection, warmth, hi-tech (dvd), amimals (not exactly low tech), books, PJs, etc. Sorry about the medical bits!

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Date:August 18th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)


It was pretty good, all-around.
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