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06:14 am: summer is winding down
Teddy's enjoyed his week at Montessori camp, but we won't be doing it again next year. It's cheap, but (other than a teacher's child) he's the only one his age there. Although it's a long half-day, it's really still the morning (8-1) and it screws up my gym schedule.

OTOH, it's been a chance to practice the screwed-up gym schedule that will ensue this fall. I've been spoiled by vacation time, and even by JCC camp (which doesn't start 'til 9, so I could squeak in a workout starting at 7:30). Oh well.

This week had a coral reef/space theme (at camp, not the gym), from what I can tell. I have been delighted to see the caliber of the art projects (high), hear about the amount of reading (lots), and calculate the extra time in the playground (at least an hour) he's been getting. JCC camp has lots more physical activity than that, with some craft projects, but no reading. I do think it's a good segue back to school.

Still, he'll probably do 6 weeks at JCC camp next summer, or perhaps 7 (if they'll let us do a half-session). We'll have one week on the Vineyard, where he'll finally get to go to the agricultural fair and I think even illumination night.

* * * * *

We received our letters (one for Teddy, one for parents) from his new teacher. I'd forgotten about school supplies! Since we're boycotting Target, we'll be heading to CVS for crayons and such. Fortunately, we already have clothes and shoes, so shopping should be quick and painless. I hope. (Teddy does not understand about the boycott; he's disappointed that we can't go to Target; I suspect this is because the toy selection at CVS is very limited).

* * * * *

We'll spend next week doing a few things we'd meant to do all summer (or doing them again, in the case of Six Flags, though I'll be dragged along this time). I'd hoped we'd go to Tanglewood with a friend Labor Day weekend, but it looks as though lawn seats are sold out (and there's no way I'd even attempt to make Teddy sit in the shed for 2 hours). We'll probably staycate instead, though I'm off for a week (Labor Day, Teddy's first day at public school, Peter's jury duty, Rosh Hashanah).

Teddy starts Montessori on the 2nd and public school on the 7th.

Summer is definitely drawing to an end. I'm not feeling many pangs over it, either. It's been a frustrating season. This week, I started tweeting #wtfbugshaiku because I've been contemplating grisly cricket murders.

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