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07:00 am: I thought it was Thursday and I was soooo happy
Despite my whinging, I do like my job. Often, I love my job.

But I was crushed this morning when I realized it's Wednesday, not Thursday, and therefore my vacation is not hours away but days.

And it's a staycation. The itinerary includes getting Teddy to and from school, going grocery shopping, and doing some much-needed filing.

But still. Crushed.


* * * * *

Our trip to Boston went well. Peter and Teddy went to the Children's Museum and the Swan Boats and took the Charlestown ferry just for the ride and ate junk food (repeatedly) and swam in the hotel pool and jumped on the hotel beds.

I went to meetings. Long meetings. I got face time in the office. I had a fab-o lunch at Sebastian's (salad) and fab-o dinner at Legal Seafoods (scallops) and the most fab-o dessert at Finale (moussecake). I got back from dinner on time to yell at Teddy for jumping on the bed and read him a Skippyjon Jones book (I still have Issues with Skippyjon Jones, but Teddy loves them and I'm not quite offended enough to banish them as I did the Magic Treehouse books).

I didn't get to see any friends except work-friends (most more like acquaintances), which was a bummer.

Still and all, it was a pretty good trip.

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