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03:20 pm: Teddy's first day in public kindergarten
I'll get the scoop directly from him when he gets home from Montessori, but Teddy seemed to do great at school... eventually. He was happy to go to the playground, but then was told he wasn't allowed to play before school. He fell and scraped his hand. He clung to me and said he wasn't ready.

Then we found out that parents could go with the kids today, and he was OK. He put away his things in his classroom, signed his name, got his name tag. He was still being clingy.

Until the Lego.

What? oh, yeah, bye Mom. Hug? Kiss? Four things? WhatEVer. BYE MOM.

Crabby Teddy Crabby Teddy
Teddy at Center School Teddy at Center School
Teddy and Peter at Center School Teddy and Peter at Center School
Teddy Doing Lego Teddy Doing Lego

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