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01:28 pm: we made it through the first (partial) week
I was on (partial) vacation, which helped.

Teddy has now acclimated to his public/Montessori school combination, I think. He definitely does better when Peter drops him off (less clinging).

AND we found out that Montessori had thought we were doing 4 days (dunno how they got that idea), so our remaining bills will be just a smidge over half what the first ones were.


I did parent duty in Teddy's (public school) classroom on Friday, which was interesting. There's a great deal more range in kids' abilities there than at Montessori. A boy in Teddy's committee* can't read yet and doesn't speak all that clearly, but is on a soccer team and seems quite, er, robust (big, strong, athletic). A couple of kids don't speak clearly at all, which leads me to believe that perhaps Teddy's teacher wasn't blowing smoke when she described him as "so articulate!"

I do love his teacher. She's very warm and loving, and clearly cares deeply about all the kids. She's very gentle in her corrections and shows no signs of impatience.

I don't think I could do it. Teaching kindergarten would frustrate me enormously.

* * * * *

I asked Teddy during the week, when he was being very clingy (though I noticed there were other kindergarteners at dropoff being equally so), why he was scared to be alone, whether he was feeling insecure about something. After a great deal of (very patient, of course :cough, cough:) prodding, he told me that he's worried that Daddy is going to leave, that we won't have him at home any more.


Granted, Peter says some mighty awful things when he's angry -- or even when he's annoyed. It makes me very angry, so sometimes he mutters rather than hollers, but he's always said those kinds of things. I'm not sure why Teddy's just recently become worried.

My guess is that a kid at school has divorced parents, which Teddy hasn't encountered before. I don't think he really knew that sometimes Daddy doesn't live with Mommy. And now he does, and it worries him.


* F'rrealz. He's not in a group. Oh no, not in Longmeadow. A committee (19 kids; 4 committees). :shaking head: Go figure.

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