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07:11 am: dad-gum guvmint
Or the dad-gum parent company or dad-gum UHC or Teddy's dad-gum school or some dad-gum combination.

I get pre-tax money deducted from my paycheck for dependent care. I have to decide how much in November of the year before I take it, 'cause that's when we sign up for benefits. (boo, parent company)

So I talk to all the providers (school, camp, babysitters) and figure what the following year will cost me.

As you may recall, Teddy's school had computed his tuition bill based on his being in school 4 days a week, not 3. (boo, school)

I was all excited about the halved bill, until I realized that I wouldn't be spending all my dependent care money.

Although the government does allow you to change your deductions over the course of a year (afaik, they care about the total, not when it's deducted), the parent company does not. I understand that the company doesn't want people changing their minds all the time (presumably there's some level of administrative hassle involved), but damn! No room for mistakes here! (boo, parent company/UHC)

And you can't get the unused money back at the end of the year (you'd have to pay tax, of course, but nooooo, not even with a penalty). You lose it if you don't use it. (boo, someone - probably guvmint/UHC)

Teddy was in camp more than I'd planned last summer, but my spending is still short by almost $550. So I had a wee panic (which of course peaked at 1:30 am).


(I also found out that kindergarten tuition is not an allowable expense, but Teddy's in public kindergarten, so Montessori is an after-school program for him, thank goodness.)

Teddy cannot handle a 4th full day yet (he probably would be able to in the spring, but that's irrelevant 'cause that would be 2011 dependent care), so he's going to get some combination of extra days while Peter's on vacation, extended days, and weekend babysitting.

Because I refuse to hand over $550 to UHC because of all the dad-gum morons. Including me.

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