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06:21 am: so happy it's Monday
What a frickin' weekend.

Teddy was clingy. Peter was an ass. I was crabby. I'm sure those are all related, but I don't know which caused what.

I had a great time with occhi_cinesi on Saturday, and got a crapload of shopping done. It was fantastic just to be grown-ups... but without kids. I still hate shopping (and seriously? four grocery stores in one afternoon is more than anyone ought to have to do), but it's lots more fun with a friend.

Dunno how I managed to do it, but I got the restaurant wrong for dinner Saturday night. So I sat for 45 minutes in Bertucci's (2 rolls and a Fresca), waiting and wondering. I knew it had to be my fault, because no one else was there, and I felt very, very sorry for myself. I emailed, I called, I texted, but no one answered. I even put a Facebook status up about it, 'cause one of my friends is on FB.

I called Peter from the parking lot as I got ready to leave. I was all sniffly and crabby and hungry, and he did not help by yelling at me, calling my friends names, and admonishing me to stop on the way home to get dinner. I ended up hanging up on him (really productive, huh?). He called me back as I was trying to read a text from one of my friends and almost getting on the Mass Pike*... and then got angry again when I wasn't paying enough attention to him (ASS).

So I hung up on him again (not my most mature moment, I admit).

I did finally meet up with my friends and have a nice dinner (though a quick one), then headed back home, where Peter proceeded to give me crap.


Teddy had trouble Sunday morning, as he often does after I've been away. Peter had trouble with Teddy having trouble, and I had trouble with both of them.


So Teddy's off at school and I'm going to try to cram in my whole day's work this morning. I do have vacation this afternoon (which I hope I'll be able to take, but it's far from a certain thing), so we may have an afternoon adventure.

Or not.

jobsecurityjobsecurityjobsecurity.... my mantra's starting to sound more like novacationnovacationnovacation.

* Yes I did pass that online course about driving. Yes I did know better. Yes I did try to read that text anyway. I did also pull over, but I started reading before I finished pulling over. It was a BAD TIME.

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