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04:57 am: Septembers are hard
So many transitions in such a short time.

New routines, new teachers, new activities. Good things, usually, but, y'know, new.

Budget time at work. Quelle dragge.

Cooler weather, which I love but which means rotating clothes in closets and not being entirely certain what's appropriate to wear or how to dress Teddy.

And the one I'd forgotten? Renewed exposure to all the wee germs of all the wee children in Teddy's schools.

So, yes, Teddy and I both have colds. Yippee.

Getting up at 3:30? So not fun. I took a Benadryl 'cause I need one, but I don't dare lie down because I know I'd sleep right through. If Teddy weren't also sick and hadn't had his most recent dose at 3, I'd risk it, but as it is... Nope. Gotta stay awake. (Perhaps if I learned to set the alarm? But I've never needed it!)

No gym for me. Not necessarily totally bad, given how much my body still hurts, but not what I'd planned.

It's also picture day today at school. Fortunately, it's a short day, so Teddy ought to get through it fine (in fact, he's done better this night - is it tonight still? - than last, so I hope he's getting better). I'm glad I paid for photo retouching, 'cause he's got a Rudolph nose.


Edited to add:
I looked back at last year, and Teddy got sick for the first time this year a week later than last. Progress! At this rate, he'll be getting sick at Christmas in his senior year of high school.

Senior year of high school. :gulp:

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