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06:45 am: meandering back home again
(the meandering is in this post, not my trip)

I did a quick, overnight trip to Boston to see my folks, go to a doctor's appointment, and celebrate my brother's birthday. It was great to see everyone and I'm mighty happy to be home again.

It's probably not true, but it feels as though it rains every time I drive back home from Boston. Given that there are no lights on long stretches of the Mass Pike, and that I'm used to settling down for the night around 8 (if not actually sleeping, I'm generally in bed reading by then), the rain just adds to the soothing, soporific qualities of the drive.

"Soothing and soporific" are not usually qualities I seek in a drive. (Though I keep thinking, every time I get a massage, that a white noise machine would be nice. I would've thought that the new age-y music and the sounds of the rain and the waves would clash, but it works for a massage place. Not that much doesn't work during a massage. But I digress. Meander. Whatever.)

* * * * *

It's been an infuriating couple of weeks, with the dementors back in full force at work. I had to postpone training once as a result, and thought I would have to do so again. Fortunately, the disaster was narrowly averted. And I didn't kill anyone! If I could have summoned a patronus, however, I most definitely would have. I think mine's in the form of a sloth. "Expecto patronum!" and it appears immediately... and yawns.

In any case, the biggest of the problems was addressed via thumbs on my iPhone (not while driving, thankyouverymuch) and solved with full sets of fingers when I got home.

* * * * *

I drove through my old home town a bit in the short time I was there, and found that things have :gasp: changed. The new high school seems to be complete, and it has windows (the one I attended was frequently compared to a prison because of the lack of windows, and y'know, its being a high school). There's also a new traffic light, where I drove through the red. Oops.

The KFC is gone altogether (Peter's response: "it's a good thing we moved!") and a couple of new restaurants seem to have arrived in Newtonville. I wonder if the high school students still opt for pizza? We didn't go to KFC 30 years ago, but someone must have or it wouldn't have lasted so long.

Oh, that's right: Peter went there every time he went to the dentist (which is around the corner). Fortuitously, our local dentist is also on the way to the closest KFC. In any case, I guess a few customers twice a year wasn't enough to sustain the Newtonville franchise. Or maybe it was the service, which was even worse than most KFCs.

Anyway, I doubt the students go to C. Tsar's, which Google tells me is a Mediterranean bistro. So I'm guessing pizza.

A house that was propped up for years while work was done, then appeared to be finished, has now been removed entirely, replaced by a level yard next to condos. WTF? And there seems to be endless road work underway. What was once a quiet neighborhood is now under perpetual construction. (Fortunately, I was too tired on the way to the train to notice. It would have disrupted my soothing, soporific walk in the rain; hoisting my laptop back and readjusting it endlessly was much better. Er, no, fascination at the change would have been better. Oh well.)

* * * * *

Some time when I wasn't paying attention (which could be just about any time at all), Massachusetts apparently passed laws about using cell phones (verboten for teenagers) and texting (verboten for everyone) while driving. Go, Massachusetts!

(And I swear I'd already put down the iPhone before I saw the flashing signs about the new laws on the Pike.)

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Date:September 28th, 2010 11:56 am (UTC)

Soporific safety

So glad you made it home safely! (Forgot to ask you to call -- and knew you'd be busy anyhow.) Thanks for all your help, good cheer, presents, and particularly, your company. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Love to all,

[User Picture]
Date:September 28th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Mum!

...and backatcha. :)
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