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10:00 pm: Cleveland Vacation: Lessons Learned

  1. It is easier to switch from stroller to carseat and back with the sit 'n' stroll in the livingroom than in the concourse. I have many bruises to attest to how badly I can mess up when I'm rushed. Fortunately, Teddy thinks having the wheels collapse under him is hilarious.
  2. Don't fly to Cleveland from Boston on Delta. Life's hard enough already without having to do transfers on a two-hour flight.
  3. Don't carry the carseat with the baby in it. Too heavy, too hard to manipulate. Check the other luggage, and carry the baby and carseat separately.
  4. Always bring cheese, animal crackers, and nursing pads. The first two are for the baby; the last become necessary when you can only nurse from one side (we're talking boobinal explosion).
  5. Check the neighborhood of the hotel, not just the hotel. I would've sprung for the extra $20 to be someplace a bit less skeevy (but not the extra $100 to stay at the Sheraton).
  6. Don't forget the impact of babies on your own clothes. We packed plenty for Teddy, but I had to do laundry because I had cheese and animal crackers smeared on my pants. And there was that boobinal explosion, too.
  7. I can't sit on the seats in the waiting areas at Logan. My knee freaked out every time I tried... and I don't like it when my knee freaks out while I'm holding Teddy.

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