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05:39 am: Some day I'm gonna...
...build a house. It's gonna be next to this house. With one big room. And a kitchen. And a bathroom.
...knit you a pair of pants [hat/scarf/sweater/shirt/Halloween costume]
...make a spaceship. It'll fly so fast! VROOOM! And it'll have a big bathtub.
...make Lego kits of Martha's Vineyard.*
...build a car that's also a boat and an airplane.
...write a book just for you.
...bake a cookie just for a cat. With fish and milk and cheese and meat.
...grow the biggest strawberry in the world.

See? Treading softly.

* I think this is a fantastic idea. What if Lego offered custom kits of people's houses (or neighborhoods)? I would totally buy that.

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