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06:30 am: we have few traditions, but they're good ones
Peter and I have gone to the Vineyard almost every Columbus Day weekend since we met. In fact, my parents first met Peter there. I believe he said fewer than a dozen words the whole weekend ("please," "thank you," "yes," "no," and "hello," probably).

So we went to Teddy's school fair (disaster - Teddy hurt himself in the bounce house first thing, then refused to do anything else except choose what prizes he wanted to go for in the raffle), then hit the road for Woods Hole at 5:30.

Route 5 was a breeze, as were 91 and 291.

Then there was the Mass Pike. It took us almost 2 hours to get 23 miles. It took 15 minutes to get food at McDonald's (we usually eat dinner at 5:30; I was not going to wait for Fresh City).

(I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my Big Mac, perhaps because I hadn't one in a couple of years.)

It then took almost two hours to get to Newton. We gave up on Woods Hole because we would not have made the last ferry and we didn't want to sleep in the car or pay $200 for one night in a crappy motel. We're fussy that way.

Apparently everyone in Connecticut and New York all decided they needed to travel East on the Mass Pike at the same time. Probably because it was predicted to be a gorgeous weekend.

And so it was. Gorgeous, I mean.

We got to Woods Hole in plenty of time for a morning ferry Saturday. We ate lots of great food, went to the beach, rode the carousel (Peter and Teddy, not me - puke!), got the brass ring (Peter again, though Teddy didn't end up using the free ride), bought and ate chocolate and ice cream, and talked and talked and talked.

After a bit of a flail on the way back (packed shuttle bus with dogs... DOGS! I! SAY!), we got home in time for greasy Chinese food (all), a bath (Teddy), and an early night (all).

It was a lovely weekend.

...and our house wasn't robbed while we were gone! BONUS!

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