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02:01 pm: 4.5 hours for this?
I had a quick night in Newton with my folks, 'cause I had a doctor's appointment this morning to have my xanthelasma looked at. (My experience last year with a Springfield dermatologist was so frustrating that I gave up and went to Boston.)

The appointment lasted less than 10 minutes and cost $150, which is neither covered by insurance nor eligible for reimbursement from my pre-tax medical fund. Dammit. And if I have the procedure done, it'll be another $550.

So I drove almost 4 hours, waited 20 minutes in a waiting room, saw a doctor for less than half that time, and put a charge on my Visa that comes straight out of my pocket.

And I'll probably go back and get the procedure done. Is this a slippery slope to lipo? Lord knows I've joked about it often enough (for each surgery I've had in the past few years, I've offered to bring my own ShopVac), but I don't think it makes sense, mostly. I mean, if I got all the yuk sucked out and didn't change anything else, all the yuk would come back, right?

I could make a case for the post-pregnancy skin thingy. I don't think that would come back. But still... Not my style. And frustrated as I am by not losing any weight since I've been going to the gym, I have lost size. So that's good.

But still. On my eye! I hate the damned thing. I'm very self-conscious. Haven't worn contact lenses since it showed up.

But... so expensive.

* * * * *

I missed the guys, but it was great to see my family, albeit briefly.

Teddy, on the phone last night: "Daddy hasn't even yelled at me!"
Teddy, on the phone this morning: "You should put Daddy on timeout until TOMORROW! I want to throw him out of the window!"

Peter's crime? He :gasp: turned on the light in the bathroom.

I know. He is SO MEAN.

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Date:October 16th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
wHy not reimbursable? not fair. Should be deductible, shouldn't it?
[User Picture]
Date:October 16th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
It's cosmetic surgery. :shrug:
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