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12:59 pm: happiness is the absence of a dried-out tongue*
Still got them sickies, though they're getting better. Last night, I (mostly) slept with my mouth closed! w00t! Life in the fast lane!

The post-conference re-entry has been long, slow, and intermittently painful. Too much email to catch up on. Too many conference sessions to write up (though looking through my tweets helps). Too many delegated tasks that didn't get completed (grr).

...and definitely too much snot. Fortunately, that's abating. Teddy had a frickin' cold for 3 days, and I ended up with sinusitis for 3 weeks (granted, going to the doctor sooner would likely have curtailed it, but still! 3 weeks! 3 days! Unfair!). That's also 3 weeks of no gym, and I am wicked crabby.

* * * * *

I got my official training on shelving in Teddy's school's library this week. Apparently some people are afraid of Dewey Decimal. WTF? Numbers, folks! They're just numbers! On books! Numbers are not scary! Books are wonderful!

Speaking of which, we got Teddy's Scholastic orders from both his schools. Good thing we donated 2 shelves' worth of board books to Shriners last weekend. Kid's gonna end up with as many book storage problems as I have. Which is to say: lots. I'm a book hoarder (I know, I know, I'm late on reviews. Soon.) I did have to miss reading at Montessori last week (laryngitis), but went yesterday (Easy Street, Bats at the Ballgame, Knuffle Bunny Free). Good to be back.

* * * * *

I've rarely been as grateful for a Friday as I am today. Soooo tired. C'mon, Z-pak! Do yer stuff!

* I was going to write "a wet tongue," but that was very wrong. So very wrong. I'm a Mommy blogger, dammit.

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