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06:23 am: I love falling back
For the last weekend before Peter's vacation, we stuck with chillin'. I tried to go to the gym Saturday and failed; fortunately, the antibiotics finally kicked in and I did go (for the first time in 3 weeks) Sunday. Damn, that felt good! (er... then. We'll see how I feel today. Creak, groan.)

Watched some movies, read some books (yes, yes, I know, reviews coming, truly), did a few errands, took a nap (how I do love naps!), played with Legos, burned DVDs of home movies for my in-laws.

Y'know: chillin'.

I hopehopehope Teddy's morning and evening routines will be easier with the time change. We've been having daily (and nightly) altercations around getting into and out of bed. Much jumping on the bed (night). Much hedgehog/Daddy-like burrowing (day). Much complaining about the bath, the teeth, the putting on of the pajamas, the taking off of the pajamas, the putting on of the clothes, the teeth, the breakfast, the going to school.

That last distresses me, I must admit. He loves school. Why must we have So. Much. Complaint. about going to school? Is it that he loves us so much he doesn't want to leave? Are his long days simply Too Long? Is this a wee power play because he can tell it distresses me to hear The Complaints?

It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes with Peter gone.

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