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07:10 am: 45 hours in, and we're ok
Peter made it to Nové Město na Moravě yesterday. We tried Skype yesterday, but I couldn't get my mic to work, so he was talking and I was typing. Weird, but basically functional. He had almost 24 hours of travel (bus, LIRR, AirTrain, plane, bus, train), so he was pretty beat.

Teddy and I are doing OK. Thursday was pretty much a normal work day for me (holiday for him, but he played nicely while I worked). I took most of yesterday off 'cause it was another holiday for him, and we had 3 doctors' appointments between us.

(I'll get the results of my side vision test next week, my level of Vitamin D is now in the normal range, his warts were zapped, and he has a cold.)

Other than a swimming lesson today (approved by Teddy's doctor, though I'll over-ride that approval if he wakes up croupy or feverish), we have no commitments this weekend. We'll shop for groceries, bake for Thanksgiving, and watch movies. It's supposed to be pretty gorgeous out, so we'll definitely get some outdoor time as well (though not long walks, as my Disney blisters have now squished and hardened into giant future-blister-making-ridges).

I'm still enjoying the one-on-one time with Teddy. Peter will likely return before the pressure builds and I'm ready to blow. I hope.

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Date:November 13th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)

Piggy-backing is pretty piggy

I don't blog, so forgive me, please, for piggy-backing. I printed out your 30-day list for unknown reasons, since I don't know what I'll do with it and one thing I don't like about the world (was that on the list? If it was, this is not my ONE thing, just a thing) is the cost of ink for my printer. But one thing I don't like about me is my inability to deal with paper. It's been true since I learned to write. I CAN'T DEAL WITH PAPER. Again, it's not THE THING, just one.

I hope you got swimming in. I'm short on enjoyment today, and I do enjoy your joy, and Teddy's. I'm also glad Peter got there safely. Hope he's able to sleep, relax, and enjoy his family.

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Date:November 14th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)

NOT piggy, flattering

As far as I remember, you don't have to identify THE thing, just ONE thing.

I'm not good at THE thing, whether it's good or bad, happy or sad... (cue Al Green's "Let's Stay Together")

oops, got distracted for a moment there.
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