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06:28 am: We got to the half-way point
Peter will be back late next Monday, and we're definitely looking forward to it. Teddy even told me yesterday "I'm going to hug Daddy when he gets home!"

Y'see, he was peeved with Peter (I don't remember what for), so I had to order him to hug his dad when he left. (Teddy was then peeved with me, of course.) Fortunately, Peter is very understanding of that particular whim.

I tend to hear a lot about everything that Peter does around the house (though I'm not sure why, as I am quite diligent about making sure to appreciate him; he doesn't have to hint around to get credit). I'm well aware how lucky I am that he takes care of so much stuff - cleaning, shopping, laundry, garbage. While I did all that stuff myself for years before he came along, I don't do much of it any more.

I was surprised to find that I don't mind putting out the garbage or cleaning or laundry (at least for a few days).

It's the frickin' shopping I hate.

Neither of us is a shopper. Neither of us yearns for the grocery store, in particular. But despite his complaints, I'd somehow missed how very often we go. I've been 4 times since he left 6 days ago.

4 times! 6 days! Insane.

And yes, I do make lists and I am careful. Some of it, this time, is because we've had guests who were coming (shop!) then couldn't come after all (freezer!). I've been eating pretty well (mostly vegetarian), but I'm definitely not cooking anything that requires much effort. Why bother, when Teddy won't eat it anyway. When I lived alone all those years, I had salad and popcorn for dinner many, many nights.* And now I remember why. I do like cooking for others, and I certainly do like eating, but... :shrug:

Some of it, though, is that I don't think about food in the same way when Peter's not here. He'll eat crap if I don't get healthy snacks (he doesn't cook, so he'll eat Hungry Man for dinner or grab beef jerky for a snack), so I make healthy stuff for him (and minimize the Hungry Man and beef jerky available).

Some of it, too, is that he fills in the blanks when I make the lists. He has bread almost every morning (and certainly every day), so if I don't notice we're low, he buys it. (Guess what we ran out of on Monday? I'm making it today, rather than going to the store again.)

Two heads are better than one. Who'd've thunk it?

Two drivers are better than one too, and that's the second bit I'm not digging. Oh, I love seeing Teddy at the beginning and end of his school days, but it turns out that the driving is quite disruptive to my work (I like the usual routine, where Teddy comes running upstairs to hug me when he gets home). And my workouts? Completely effed up. I'd been going just about now (6:15), while Teddy's still asleep. Peter gets him up and fed (if not always dressed) while I get a full workout in.

Babysitting at the JCC is 9:30-12:30. Teddy's in school until 11:30 (though not last Friday, so I got one full workout in). Monday, I got a half-workout (45 minutes), as I will today. I'm taking vacation on Friday so I can get one more full workout.

I am a creature of habit, exercise-wise. Disruption=sloth. So I'm pretty proud of myself for doing half-workouts rather than none.

* I consider it something of a triumph that I haven't done so even once while Peter's been gone.

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