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07:17 am: Contagious Hypochondria
When I volunteer in Teddy's classroom, I learn all the maladies of the kids' parents and of the kids who aren't there. Sometimes the kids tell me; sometimes, they claim the symptoms themselves.

Last Friday, at least a half dozen kids had itchy eyes (a classmate had conjunctivitis). One had a sore leg (his mother was on crutches after surgery). One was exhausted and just needed to rest (new sibling, which could mean the kid was being kept awake or simply feeling empathy for her parents).

I also witnessed kindergarten friendship trauma ("I wanted to be Clarice and so did [other girl], but I said it first! WAAAAIL").

I get an hour of classroom volunteer time every month (library time is weekly, and much more structured), so this was my third experience. The kids were kinda wild (last day of the first full week of school in a while), but they also seemed more comfortable with me. I had several one-on-one conversations: consoling one of the friendship trauma girls, sympathizing with the older sibling of the new baby, and helping several with the new math work (building patterns - challenging for all).

Teddy was not at his best, and I'm not sure why. My presence was not the right thing for him that day. He was very needy and not very gracious about sharing me. Maybe the neediness of the other kids felt threatening to him. Maybe he was tired. Maybe he challenged himself too much in the new work (most kids did one three-color pattern and one two-color; he did a five- and a six-). Dunno. I felt as though I got a small taste of what it would be like to have more than one child: cuddling one while listening to another and nudging a third with his school work.

I kinda dug it.

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