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08:51 am: 30 Days of truth: Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do
Like any parent, I hope I don't have to bury my child.*

I can barely even type that. Just seeing the words makes me want to curl up into fetal position and not read any more scary words.

(Nothing else makes me want to not read. Nothing.)

Now I'm getting all weepy. I think I'll go curl up into fetal position and wait until it's time to pick Teddy up at school, so I can hug him and squish him and make him repeat a thousand times that Mommy loves him infinity.

* Bury. See buried. Be informed of his burial. Learn of it. Know that it happened. Suspect that it happened. Wish that it could have happened because it couldn't because his body was lost. NO DEAD KID. Or sick. NO SICK KID. NO UNHAPPY KID.

OK, a little sick is ok, I can deal with that (if not well). A little unhappy, but only because he's 5 (for 2 more days) and is heartbroken when he can't get two Legos apart.

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Date:December 21st, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)

Oh that's the worst!

and this is not encouraging almost 5 years later. For dd's first year, with raging pregnancy hormones, etc. that's all I could think about: her death or abduction. I'm surprised I didn't actually lose it for good, although I was in fetal position many a nights, weeping of her death or unknown whereabouts, while cradling her in my arms.

Agree with you, this is something I hope I never have to do.

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Date:December 30th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)

Re: Oh that's the worst!

I totally get that there's a biological imperative to make us protective of our children, but it's torture for quite a while, isn't it?
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