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05:08 pm: sloooowly getting better
No headache! w00t! Teddy and I watched How to Train Your Dragon today, which was cute. I still hope to see Babies this vacation. I've wanted to see it since I first saw a preview (at least a year ago). Teddy's convinced it's going to be "SO BORING," so he wouldn't agree to watch it with me.

It's been a disappointing vacation. I'd had hopes for house projects (painting, organizing), fun stuff (friends and museums, mostly), and sloth, but all I've managed is sloth. And getting the Christmas stuff put away. I suppose that's a tiny star of productivity in the vast firmament of nothin' else.


Peter and Teddy have also been out of sorts. I sometimes feel as though I'm The Source of All Energy; if I don't make plans and rev everybody up, it's very likely that nothing at all will happen.

...because I need more responsibility. Dammit.

Barring the unforeseen, I'll get to see friends tomorrow (one-day trip into town for me; Peter & Teddy are staying home). That'll give me a weekend off (the company is closed Monday) to do some stuff. It won't include any major projects for me, though I do hope the electrician is able to check some things off our list (new fixtures in bedroom and office, plus fixing whatever the hell is wrong with the electric in half the master bedroom).

So I guess it'll do.

I do plan ONE resolution for 2011: I will not delay vacation until September. I. will. not.

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