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06:27 am: Back to work
I've been "off"* since Teddy's birthday, but today I'm back to work. Part of me is excited (I do love my job), part of me is mildly depressed (I didn't get much done during vacation), part of me doesn't know what to think. All of me wants a liiiittle bit more sleep.

Teddy is very excited to be back at school, seeing his friends again. He had all kinds of stuff crammed into his backpack yesterday - sheets of pig Latin he'd written, a newspaper article about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and so on. It was my day in the school library, which helped ease the transition (for me; he was fine).

I'm several weeks behind on the 30 days of truth, never did write about the holidays (which were lovely), and still have a cold. Riveting stuff.

* Working less than 2 hours a day. Mostly. That kind of off. I've been off, as in odd, most of my life.

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