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06:32 am: 2010 in Review
I like swingchickie's approach (she's smart, she's organized, she's SWINGCHICKIE!), so I'm stealin' it. Thanks!

Oy. Peter and I have had a rough year. We'd both thought he'd go back to work once Teddy was in school full-time, so we were kinda toughing it out through the summer. Then I gave him the trip to the Czech Republic as a birthday/Christmas gift, which meant he was out of town for two weeks shortly after his schedule freed up. So he didn't look for work. And then he didn't look much after he got back and we were doing so well that I didn't think about it... and things fell apart over the holidays.

I started by writing about Peter's work because he's not happy when he's not working (outside home -- he works very hard here, but it doesn't seem to be enough to sustain him). And I got sick over the holidays, and everyone was miserable. I hope he finds something (preferably something regular and dependable, though he likes the irregular cleaning jobs very much) and that he returns to his sweet self.

I have no kitties and had little interaction with any kitties this year, but I do hope to finally audition with a Siberian this year. Teddy is very eager to get a pet (if I won't supply him with a brother, which I won't).

I didn't travel for fun this year, but I did have several trips to work - conferences in Palm Springs (LJ starting here) and Orlando (here), plus work trips to Tampa and Washington DC. Peter and Teddy joined me in Orlando for a few days, which was fun. I hope we'll do some traveling this year, now that we've made our final tuition payment for 12 years. (w00t!)

I've had 3 Z-packs prescribed since last May. :sigh: I have to see my ENT to try to see what's up with all these damned sinus and bronchial infections.

I joined the JCC last spring and have been faithfully working out 3+ times a week (except when I'm sick or have cramps, dammit). I've lost almost a size. Depending on the time of the month, I'm between 2 and 10 pounds down from last year. So that's good. But I'm still fat, my blood pressure isn't where I want it to be, and I really really really want to get that xanthelasma removed before next year's 30th NNHS reunion.

work and home:
We didn't do diddly on the house, so that part's fast to write about. I mean, a little organizing, lots of cleaning (though not as much as the house needed, of course), a few small purchases, but no major projects.

Work was good. I've been fully committed on a really big project that will last through until June or July of this year. It's gone well. My team has earned a lot of trust and respect from people at my company and the parent company, which is excellent. We had a fairly major organizational shakeup yesterday (president's leaving), so I don't know what will fall out of that.

I've had LOTS of frustration (mostly dealing with vendors, but also team members) and worked LOTS of long hours, but things are coming along. I even kinda sorta have a plan moving forward, depending on what happens with the new (TBD) leadership. I'm satisfied with where I've been, where I am, and where I plan to be.

I've read a lot of books (I'm guessing 500 or so for the year), seen some DVDs (and a couple of movies in theaters! yeehaw!), gone to a few children's entertainments of various sorts, and, um... not much else. Haven't seen as many friends as I wanted to. Only went dancing a couple of times. Didn't see any adult theater.

Gotta work on that for this year. Speaking of which...

my resolutions for the new year:
Take vacation. SOMETHING at least every quarter, if not every month. I ended up losing some time from last year, and that's NO FUN.

Keep working on my health. Meditate. Maybe add some yoga back into my life.

Pay off the cards. Again.

Do some more fun stuff. Adult stuff, even.

Spend some time on my marriage.

So, yeah, 2010. Done.

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