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06:42 am: snow day
Teddy had his first snow day last week, and he looooved it. He spent most of the day outside, building snow caves and snow forts and making snow angels and snow balls and generally whooping it up. We had to practically drag him inside by his red, wet, frozen limbs.

I didn't buy him snow boots this year because last year's got hardly any use and he wanted work boots instead.

Even worn with snow pants, work boots are not as effective at keeping the snow out. Especially in 2-4 feet of snow. So his feet tend to get really wet and cold. Especially when he's out flailing around in snow banks for a few hours at a time.

I vaguely recall using bread wrappers to help keep my feet dry under such conditions, so I guess we'll give that a try this weekend.

Also? Being poured into warm, dry clothes and having hot chocolate poured into you after someone drags your red, wet, frozen self inside from a day in the snow are still amongst life's great pleasures.

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