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06:19 am: trying to avoid the winter funk
I'm not actually prone to winter funk - I quite like snow and nesting and warm clothes and all that. I don't get SAD or anything.

This winter is special, in so very many ways.

So very much snow. So very many snow days at Teddy's school.

It's also the first winter since I joined the JCC. When I mostly swam and walked for exercise, it was ridiculous to consider working out in a blizzard. Now it's just ridiculous to consider getting to the gym. I'm crabby and sore (dunno if that's from overdoing it or from underdoing it), but it is nice to have a respite from getting up at O-dark hundred to drag my sorry (and still so very large) behind to the gym.

Whine, whine, whine.

Teddy has been crawling into bed with me again, too, which is disrupting my sleep (he's mostly moved into his own bed).

More whining.

On the other hand, I made pineapple coconut muffins yesterday (alas, not very pineapple-y, but it was a luxury to have the time to bake mid-day) and plan to make marshmallows today. This will be our first attempt at a recipe from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, which will be fun. (I wanted to make Cornish pasties, but Teddy was more interested in dessert. Go figure.)

The baby hats I knit were easy enough on my joints that I've been making a sweater for Teddy. It feels good to be making again, but I'd forgotten the Frustration of the Fuck-up, which has arisen as it inevitably does. I should be able to finish the sweater this week. If the fuck-ups are fixable, I'll do the same sweater (though marginally larger) for Peter.

So, yeah. Blah.

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