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12:17 pm: 30 Days of Truth: Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know
The only people who don't add something to my life are a few relatives. Even they help me practice patience and tolerance and other worthy activities.

Wow. This one's even harder than the last.

There are people who take a lot of my time and emotional energy, but that's because they're In That Place right now - That Place I've visited myself before, when they supported me. I mean, that's friendship, right? So I don't wish I didn't know them; I'm glad I know them (and very glad if I can reciprocate in some small measure the help they've given me).*

There's one friend who's kind of a perpetual downer. She tends to see the negative side to everything, and she has indeed suffered a great many losses and challenges in her life. But she's also always been completely supportive of me... and I see her very rarely. So I don't need (or want) to let her go.

I've had friends in the past whom I've let slip away (probably later than I should have), but I can't think of anyone right now in that position. There's no name that makes me cringe when it comes up on caller ID or on inbound email (again, except for a couple of relatives... and salespeople and people begging for money for charities).

The people in my life are all gifts. I wanna keep 'em.

* And in case anyone reading this is all paranoid 'n' stuff - no, that's not you. That category does not include anyone who reads this.

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