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07:06 am: major week for parental involvement
Monday: Valentine's Day/100th Day of School "party" at Teddy's school
(translation: all parents come and help kids through their various work stations, one of which involves "delivering" Valentines to the students' Valentine boxes, the opening of which leads me to the disheartening conclusion that I am a slacker Mom because Teddy received much nicer, fancier Valentines than he gave, many of which included candy and one of which included a gift certificate for an ice cream cone :sigh: )

Tuesday: Twice-monthly classroom volunteer time
(one parent comes and helps kids through their work stations; this week was spelling short U words (tub, cup, rug, & mud for most kids; Umbridge, under, umbrella, and one I've forgotten for Teddy), reading*, and writing lower-case S)

Wednesday (1): Weekly library volunteer time
(check books in and out, shelf books, help kids select books [my favorite part])
Wednesday (2): karate class after school
(sit and watch child while answering email; telecommuting at its most self-serving and convenient)

Thursday: lunch-time reading
(sit on kid-sized chair and read, try not to fall over when attempting to stand up)
(fortunately, Teddy's after-school French program - also on Thursday - doesn't begin quite yet)
(also fortunately, neither does T-ball, which is 2 practices and 1 game every week, days TBD)
(egads, what have I got myself in for?)

Friday: dentist appointment (mine)

Saturday: swim lessons (Teddy's)

Also, y'know, work 'n' working out 'n' cooking 'n' stuff.

* Dilemma here. Teddy is way ahead of the other kids in kindergarten at reading, except one girl who's at his level. His teacher is awesome about getting the advanced readers more challenging reading material, but it takes way longer (though he was considerably faster at the spelling work).

His peers are on "See Spot" kinds o' books; there were more words (and harder ones) on one page of his book than in the entire book the other kids were reading. So if he does his work in the classroom, he misses out on free time, including LEGO (:gasp: horror!). This is complicated by his having trouble sharing me when I'm in the class ("I can't do it!" when another kid is having trouble sounding out "Can Nan hit? Nan can hit!" [a baseball, not a person]).

In any case, we brought home Teddy's reading as homework and he did super. I'm so proud of his reading comprehension! We'll see if he continues to be enthusiastic about the homework solution to the advanced work versus Lego dilemma.

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Date:February 17th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
Everybody's impressive in your fambly, chile'. 'Ceptin' the old folks, I 'spect. (Ah nevah volunteered at your school, ah don' think.)

[User Picture]
Date:February 18th, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)

dunno iffen you did o' iffen you dint

But I know you showed up for every show, and I will never, ever forget.
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